Bitcoin Live Casinos in India 2024

Bitcoin casino India

Bitcoin (BTC) was started back in 2008 and have since grown to be the major cryptocurrency out there. However there are many other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX) and Ripple (XRP). This guide will focus on Bitcoin as it’s the most well-known and most used cryptocurrency out there. We’ll also give you a list of which casinos that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment method.

How to play live casino with Bitcoin?

To get started and find Bitcoin live casinos in India is very easy. First of all, if you don’t already have one, you’ll have to choose your wallet and start buying some crypto. One of the most popular trading platforms for Crypto is Coinbase where you can easily get started to trade. 

After that you can easily head over to the casino that accepts Bitcoin and make your first deposit. You’ll have to choose which cryptocurrency you want to deposit in and follow the steps. Usually you’ll have to enter your own wallet, deposit amount and confirm your deposit. You should receive the money on your casino account pretty soon after, it just needs to be verified by the blockchain.

After that you can play as usual with your Bitcoins as a real money balance.

When you need to withdraw, head to the cashier enter your wallet address and the amount and request your withdrawal. This process might take a few days however and you might need to verify your casino account as well if it’s the first withdrawal you’re making.

  1. Select your crypto wallet, we recommend Coinbase
  2. Buy some cryptocurrency
  3. Choose a casino that supports your cryptocurrency
  4. Sign up for a new account
  5. Deposit using your cryptocurrency
  6. Play using real money
  7. Withdraw any potential winnings back to your wallet

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    Why should you use Bitcoin as payment method?

    There are many reasons why you should use Bitcoin as payment method, however the most common reason is due to the extra layer of privacy, security and anonymity that cryptocurrencies offer you.

    • Bitcoins are very safe to use and as long as your wallet is kept safe it will be very difficult to steal or hack your account. Our recommendation is to always use two-factor authentication.
    • No additional fees for transactions as some other payment methods will have.
    • Full anonymity of your gambling transaction. Cryptocurrencies are decentralised meaning banks are not involved in the transaction.
    • The transactions are very fast, the deposits are usually instant and you’ll see the balance minutes after.

    How to choose Bitcoin live casino?

    You mainly have to think of what you’re looking for when looking for Bitcoin live casinos, if it’s a certain cryptocurrency expect for Bitcoin it would be worth checking if the casino supports it. Otherwise we recommend following or recommendations that are based on player experience, casino offering and trustworthiness.

    1. Check which cryptocurrency that the casino supports
    2. Check in our reviews if the casino supports any of the particular games or game provider you’re looking for
    3. Sign up and claim any welcome bonus
    4. Make your first deposit using Bitcoin

    Are Bitcoin live casinos safe?

    Casinos that offer Bitcoin are as safe as any other casinos, the transaction it self is very safe and it gives you an easy way to do an anonymous deposit and withdrawal without any need to worry.

    Different types of cryptocurrencies

    Except for Bitcoin you’ll find different cryptocurrencies that are available to trade and use for payment.

    Some of the most common are Ethereum and Ripple. Ethereum is very similar to Bitcoin and is completely built on Smart Contracts as it was built for payments. Ripple however is a different variant which supports token that represents fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies etc. You can’t mine Ripple yourself as they’re pre-mined however you can easily head over and buy some at Coinbase for example. The biggest upside with Ripple is that is was created for fast and cost-effective transactions.

    Crypto wallets

    There are many crypto wallets out there and it’s an important step to choose the right wallet from the beginning. Make sure you choose a wallet that offers certain level of security such as two-factor authentication which adds an extra layer of security in case someone would try to hack your wallet. Some of the most popular and reliable crypto wallets are Coinbase, Electrum and Edge.

    Electrum is a very user friendly wallet which has very high security. Coinbase is the most popular wallet which is probably the best choice if you’re a beginner as they support most cryptocurrencies, it’s easy to use and have a high security. They also offer a good mobile app that you can use for trading.

    FAQ Bitcoin live casinos

    What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency which you can use for payments on live casinos as well.

    Is Bitcoin safe?

    Paying with Bitcoin is very safe and you get an anonymous transaction without banks involved.

    Can I pay with Bitcoin on Indian live casinos?

    Yes, some live casinos in India supports Bitcoin deposits.