Andar Bahar

Due to its straightforwardness Andar Bahar is not only one of our favourite games, but it’s also a favourite for many Indian players from where the games has its roots. If you like fast paced card games like Casino War or High & Low games, Andar Bahar is the game for you.

Guide to Andar Bahar in India

Only one deck of cards is used in the game of Andar Bahar, which makes it very easy to play Andar Bahar among friends as long as you have a set of cards and a surface to the deal the cards on. Although only one card deck is used in Andar Bahar you might see some online casinos swapping between two decks every second round in order to keep the gameplay going without any longer shuffle breaks since the cards that aren’t used are being shuffled in an automatic card shuffler.


Gameplay Andar Bahar

The game of Andar Bahar is split up in 3 different stages: the shuffle, the betting round and the deal & payout round.

  1. The cards are shuffled and the shoe is being cut as any other card game like Blackjack or Baccarat. After the cut the first card is being drawn, this card is considered to be the ”joker card”. Forget what you previously know about jokers, this card isn’t a wild card, this card is used to determine the face value of when to stop drawing any more cards from the deck. When a card with the same face value as the joker card turns up on the Andar side of the table or the Bahar side, the game ends.
  2. After the Joker card is dealt the betting round starts and you can choose your stakes and wether you want to bet on either the Andar side or the Bahar side to win. Besides the regular bets you have a selections of optional side bets to place that we’ll explain in more details below.
  3. After the betting round it’s time for the dealer to deal the cards, first card is being dealt to Bahar and the second to Andar, every second card is being dealt to each side until a card with the same face value as the joker card has been dealt the game stops and any potential payouts are being paid out to the players who have placed bets on the correct outcomes.


Andar Bahar side bets

Just like most of the card games in casinos you’ll also find that some online casinos will offer side bets on Andar Bahar. The available side bets may vary a bit depending on which game studio that’s providing the game. Below are the common types of side bets you’ll in Andar Bahar and further below in our guide we’ll give you the details of each and every side bet per game studio:


  • Number of cards to be dealt before the games end (this is usually presented in various ranges like “6 to 10 cards” etc), this is excluding the joker card
  • Suit card of the joker where you can choose between Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs or Spades.
  • Colour of the joker (red or black)
  • Card value of the joker
  • High or low where you can guess if the joker is going to be either lower or higher than 8 or if it will be an 8


When you have the opportunity to play a side bet on the joker the betting round starts before the joker actually is dealt. Some game providers allows for only one betting round where all bets are placed at once and some can have an initial betting round on the joker and then a second betting round for the main game of Andar Bahar.

Editors note on available side bets in Andar Bahar: Personally I’m a big fan of side bets since it brings an extra layer of excitement any game and I think it would be fun if the online makers of Andar Bahar games brought some more variation to the side bets by looking at what’s available on the Blackjack tables or 3 card pokers. I would like to see side bets where you can bet on a certain amount of suits or colours being drawn in a row or being shown on the table or why not bring in bonus bets if the first couple of cards makes up a 3 card poker hand or a regular poker hand.


Andar Bahar strategy

Andar Bahar is a game of chance, the outcomes are random and once you have placed your bet and the deal starts there’s not much you can control (unlike Blackjack where you can fold, take another card(s), split double etc). With that said, it’s still an enjoyable game that is as easy to learn as roulette if not easier. If there’s any strategy to follow then it would be to play on they higher paying side (Andar) as well as side bets if you are given good odds.


Andar Bahar Payout

For a regular game of Andar Bahar that offers you a payout of 2.0 on Andar and 1.9 on Bahar the RTP is 94.85% on the main bet/game. The payout on the side bets can sometimes be higher than the main game and can vary a bit from studio to studio, further down in this article you’ll find the different payout tables for the game studios we have played.


Andar Bahar from Ezugi live studio

Ezugi Has two live games of Andar Bahar, one is played live from their studio and the second one is an OTT (over the table) that is broadcasted live from one of Casino Marina’s landbased locations. The stake ranges on both of the tables are ₹50 to ₹50,000.


Ezugi Andar Bahar:

BetPayoutBet example in ₹Payout example
Main bets
Side bets
1-5 (1 to 5 cards)2.5:1₹100₹350
6-10 (6 to 10)3.5:1₹100₹450
11-15 (11 to 15)4.5:1₹100₹550
16-25 (16 to 25)3.5:1₹100₹450
26-30 (26 to 30)14:1₹100₹1500
31-35 (31 to 35)24:1₹100₹2500
36-40 (36 to 40)49:1₹100₹5000
41 or more119:1₹100₹12,000


Main bets94.85%
Side bets95.57%



Published on November 8, 2020 by Matt Brown. Last updated: February 12, 2021