Lightning Roulette

If you already love Roulette, be prepared to fall in love again. Lightning Roulette is an online version of one of the all time favourite table games, Roulette. Lightning Roulette involves exactly the same elements as ordinary Roulette, but when it comes to the payout you can win up to 500x your bet on a straight up number!

Online Roulette has been reinvented with Lightning Roulette

Roulette, as it is, is already a quick, fun and diverse table game itself with a lot of different bet types and strategies. And when live casinos entered the gambling scene it already elevated the roulette experience behind the screen, but what Evolution Gaming has done to the online Roulette has really revolutionised the game and bringing it to a next level of live table game entertainment. Lightning Roulette is a fast paced version of the classic Roulette with same Roulette wheel and layout, the main difference is the payout table and the anticipation round called ”Lightning round” that reveals which numbers that will be paying much higher than regular Roulette, from 50 times your bet all the way up to 500 times your bet!

How to find Lightning Roulette casinos online

Fortunately Evolution Gaming is one of the biggest providers of live casino games online, they’re not only the biggest but also the most popular live casino provider. Their game studio has an impressive number of awards in various genres like Live Casino Supplier of the Year (for 11 consecutive years(!!)) or Game of the Year for their game MONOPOLY Live and many more awards.

With the track record and popularity of Evolution Gaming it is just pure hygiene for every serious live casino to have Lightning Roulette and all other table games they provide, this include online casinos in India.

What makes Lightning Roulette more fun than ordinary Roulette

Stating that Lightning Roulette is more fun to play than Roulette, a game that has been popular for centuries, might be a bold statement. Of course it all depends on what you, as an individual, like. But we are looking at the online trends and how many players that are spending their time at one table simultaneously, in this scenario Lightning Roulette is winning by far. But in all seriousness, Roulette as it was born and how it has been played for ages is always a charm to be acquainted with.

For the sake of argument we have looked at the elements Lightning Roulette brought to the table and how they’ve managed to ”electrify” many of its players.

  • The environment
    When you play Lightning Roulette you feel like you have entered a big game show world where the Roulette wheel is the center of attention and to its support there’s a game host that keeps you company at all times. The great amount of people that are playing online at the same time keeps the live chat vibrant and social which helps the game host to keep the banter or the conversation going.
  • The betting round
    You better like fast paced games and results, the time you have to place your bets is around 18 seconds. We are a little bit split on this aspect, on the one hand there’s not much waiting time but on the other hand there can be times where you want to mix up your betting strategy and numbers a bit and the 18 seconds can feel a little bit scarce. This might be the downside of having automatic mechanic Roulette wheel spinning, but we guess that Evolution aren’t stupid and have done some data analysis and studied how many seconds majority of their players like to have for the betting round.
  • The lightning round
    We must give it to Evolution for their lightning round, this is most probably what elevates the game and gives it that great feeling of suspense. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not only about the lightning that strikes random numbers and gives them a random multiplier, it’s a combination of things and it’s about the show.. And the show starts when the game host flicks the big old electric switch and the whole background changes to reveal how many lucky numbers that will be given a multiplier, this accompanied with sound effects of electric shocks and lightning hitting the numbers as well as the anticipation of seeing how long and how high the multiplier will count up. And all you can do is sit there tight, crossing your fingers that the lightning will strike your lucky number, or (hopefully) several of your lucky numbers.

The proof is in the pudding, if you play at any casino that has the Evolution Gaming software and launch their Roulette lobby you will see all their Roulette tables and a player count of players that play Roulette online on every game at this very moment. We can clearly not deny that this is a fun game.

The rules and payout of Lightning Roulette

The only thing that differentiates Lightning Roulette from ordinary Roulette is the payout on the straight out numbers. A regular win pays 29:1 in Lightning Roulette instead of 35:1, whereas a win with a lightning strike multiplier pays up to 499:1.

Every round is guaranteed to have at least 1 straight up number to have a win multiplier, the maximum straight up numbers to have a bet multiplier in a round are 5 numbers.

When the round of bets are closed and the lightning round starts a certified random number generator generates the numbers that will get a multiplier and what multiplier they will be assigned. The bet multipliers are 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 500x.

The minimum bet in Lightning Roulette is ₹20 and the maximum is ₹1,75,000.

Inside bets pay table:

Bet typePayout
Straight up29-499:1

Outside bets pay table:

Bet typePayout

Published on January 14, 2021 by Matt Brown. Last updated: September 13, 2021