Crazy Time

Crazy Time is an interactive live game show game where you can win up to 25,000 times your bet. Crazy Time is made by Evolution Gaming for the online casinos and the game is similar to Wheel of Fortune games and it has been enriched with multipliers as well as 4 nail biting bonus games.

Crazy Time – The online game show that brings together live casino and slot games

Crazy Time is a live streamed game show where the main game is a money wheel with prize money as well as entries to different bonus rounds. The game is very easy to understand since there’s a lot of familiar elements from games we know from childhood, like the chocolate wheels in amusement parks or other popular ”Big Six” wheel games like the Wheel of Fortune. It’s as easy as betting on where the flapper on the wheel will stop and if you’re right you’ll be paid a multiplier times your bet on the number or enter a bonus round that can pay out up to 25,000x your bet.

It seems like Evolution Gaming has hit another home run again with this fusion game combining live hosts as well as bonus features, a fusion of games human game interaction as well as games with Random Number Generators (RNG). The popularity of the game is not only recognised by many twitch streamers that plays Crazy Time due to it’s diversity and the bonus rounds that can yield extremely high multipliers, but it is in fact Evolution’s most popular games at the moment with most players playing it online simultaneously. This is quite impressive since it was only released on the 1st of July 2020 and it’s already beating other of their top games like Lightning Roulette and Monopoly Live.

Play Crazy Time online on Indian live casinos

If you want to play Crazy Time online you’ll just have to find your way to the casinos that have a live casino offering from Evolution Gaming. Given that Evolution is one of the global leaders in providing live games, you’ll find Crazy Time in many online casinos. We’ve listed the popular live casinos that offer rupees and good banking methods for players in India.

How to play Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a straight forward game, but it’s always best to know how to play a game and what you can expect out of it before starting to play.

The foundation of the game is the spinning money wheel, everything starts with betting on the outcome of the spin round and from there you can get additional multipliers from their mini slot as well as playing one out of four different bonus games. We’ll break down and explain each of them one by one

  • The betting round
    All starts with making one or several choices, do you think the flapper will stay on any of the numbers 1, 2, 5 or 10 or do you think the flapper will stay on any of the bonus games of Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko or Crazy Time? The numbers you bet on mimics multipliers, if you bet Rs 1,000 on number 10 and hit it you will be paid Rs 10,000 plus your bet of Rs 1,000.
  • The spin round and the mini slot.
    When the betting round is over the game show host will give the wheel a last hard spin and the mini slot game starts. The mini slot is a 2 reel RNG slot game where the first reel always gives you a symbol that are presented in the money wheel (any of the 4 numbers or the 4 bonus games), the secondary reel is a multiplier reel where you can get an additional multiplier to your winnings up to 50x, but there are rare occasions where the second reel doesn’t hit a multiplier. The multiplier from the mini slot is carried over to the main game if the flapper stops on the same number or symbol as the first reel of the mini slot. As an example, if you hit number 10 with a multiplier of 25x and the flapper stops on the number 10 you will be paid 25x times 10x on your bet, a total of 250x of your bet. And the same applies to the bonus games.

    The available mini slot multipliers are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, and 50x.

    When the money wheel has stopped on a number the game is over and any winners will be paid out, if the wheel stops on any of the bonus games you’re in for a real treat.
  • Coin Flip bonus game
    The Coin Flip is one of the most frequent bonus games since it’s occupying 4 segments out of 54 segments on the money wheel. It’s also one of the quickest one to play. A screen will generate a multiplier from 2x to 100x for the blue side of the coin as well as another multiplier for the red side of the coin. The coin is placed on a ”coin flipper” and whichever colour that lands with the face up will pay out the same multiplier that is on the screen.

    The available multipliers are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x, 12x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x and 100x from the start, but in a few occasions if the multiplier is low on any of the sides you can be given another chance to boost the multiplier, when this happens the multiplier will start from its original number and count up 1x each time and stop at a random moment.

    The biggest multiplier that can be achieved in the Coin Flip game is 5,000x your bet. 50x from the mini slot and 100x from the coin flip.
  • Pachinko bonus game
    If you ever watched ’The Price is Right’ and saw the game Plinko you’ll surely know how this bonus game works. Pachinko, just like Plinko, is a big pegboard game where the game host drops a luminous puck from the top of the pegboard, the drop zone. On its way down the puck will bounce between pegs all the way down to the bottom board, the landing zone, where there are different multipliers. There are 16 different slots with multipliers where the puck can land in the landing zone and you will be paid a multiplier on your bet based on where the puck lands.

    When the flapper of the money wheel lands on one of the two Pachinko segments of the wheel the bonus round will be initiated. It all starts with a random number generator generating 16 different multipliers in the landing zone, besides multipliers you can also get double symbols. The double symbols is what you want to be on the lookout for, if the puck lands on a double symbol all multipliers are doubled and this can numerous times all the way up to a multiplier of 10,000x until all multipliers the multipliers in the landing zone have reached 10,000x. Once all multipliers have reached 10,000x the double symbol is also replaced with 10,000x. The double symbol doesn’t appear in every Pachinko round, but when it does there can be one or several double symbols.

    Once the multipliers have been revealed the Pachinko board will multiply these numbers again if you’ve managed to get Pachinko multipliers from the main game.

    Before the game can start the game show host drops the puck, the random number generator will generate which slot the puck should be dropped from in the dropping zone. There are 16 drop slots in the dropping zone.
  • Crazy Time bonus game
    Although the Crazy Time bonus game is the rarest to hit in the money wheel, it is not the game that pays the highest multiplier. Cash Hunt with its 25,000x beats Crazy Time’s 20,000x multiplier, but the reason why it’s more rare to get into Crazy Time is that the average payout in its bonus game is higher than Cash Hunt. The Crazy Time bonus game is found 1 out of 54 segments in the money wheel.

    The Crazy Time bonus round consists of yet another money wheel, but this time it’s full of multipliers, a doubles symbol and a triple symbol. The Crazy Time bonus wheel is a virtual 64 segment wheel, controlled by a random number generator and it has 3 flappers instead of one flapper. It’s up to you to pick which flapper you think will land on the best outcome, either the green, blue or the yellow flapper. If you don’t pick a colour before the timer ends the game will randomly choose a colour for you.

    If there was a multiplier won in the mini slot all the multipliers will be multiplied with that multiplier before the wheel starts spinning. The available multipliers in the Crazy Time wheel are 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 100x and 200x.

    If you have picked a flapper that lands on either double or triple all the multipliers double up or triple up and another spin on the wheel is played. Double up’s and triples can happen several times in a row all the way up until all the multipliers have reached 20,000x, and once all the multipliers have reached their maximum both the double and triple will be replaced with 20,000x multipliers.

Crazy time rules and payout

The rules of the main money wheel are quite simple, you have to bet to be in the game and you have to bet on which segment you think the flapper will stop on. There are 8 choices, either 4 numbers (1, 2, 5, 10) or 4 different bonus games. If you bet on the right outcome you will be paid or enter a bonus round, if you don’t bet on the correct bonus you won’t be eligible for the playing the bonus games whilst the other players who have will be able to.

The optimal strategy in Crazy Time is to bet on number 1, it has the return to player since it is featured in the most segments. Whilst it is the most optimal game play, it isn’t as fun and it isn’t the highest paying one. If you rather want to play for optimal payouts on the live casino games and on games that are more fun than playing on the number 1 on the wheel, we suggest that you play table games like Blackjack or Baccarat etc. If you are playing for the fun of the game and the thrill of winning big multipliers then we suggest that you bet on at least one of the bonus games, but if you don’t bet on all bonus games you might miss out on the chance of hitting the big multipliers if another bonus game stops on the flapper.

The minimum bet in Crazy Time is ₹10 on an outcome and the maximum can vary from casino to casino but we have seen both ₹2,500,00 and ₹5,000,00 as maximum bet.

The Crazy Time money wheel consists of 54 segments with 8 different outcomes. The chance of hitting these outcomes and the payouts are listed below.

  • Number 1
    The chances of hitting number 1 (light blue colour) is 21 in 54. That’s a hit ratio of almost 38.89%.
    Hitting number 1 pays 1:1.
  • Number 2
    The chances of hitting number 2 (yellow colour) is 13 in 54. That’s a hit ratio of about 24.07%.
    Hitting number 2 pays 2:1.
  • Number 5
    The chances of hitting number 5 (pink colour) is 7 in 54. That’s a hit ratio of about 12.96%.
    Hitting number 5 pays 5:1.
  • Number 10
    The chances of hitting number 10 (purple colour) is 4 in 54. That’s a hit ratio of almost 7.41%.
    Hitting number 10 pays 10:1.
  • Coin Flip
    The chances of hitting the Coin Flip bonus (glittery dark blue with a red coin) is 4 in 54. That’s a hit ratio of almost 7.41%.
    Coin Flip bonus pays up to 5,000:1.
  • Cash Hunt
    The chances of hitting the Cash Hunt bonus (green with a shooting target) is 2 in 54. That’s a hit ratio of about 3.70%.
    Cash Hunt bonus pays up to 25,000:1.
  • Pachinko
    The chances of hitting the Pachinko bonus (purple with a swirly wheel) is 2 in 54. That’s a hit ratio of about 3.70%.
    Pachinko bonus pays up to 10,000:1.
  • Crazy Time
    The chances of hitting the Crazy Time bonus (red with a golden key) is 1 in 54. That’s a hit ratio of about 1.85%.
    Crazy Time bonus pays up to 20,000:1.

Crazy Time RTP table

Bet outcomeRTP
Coin Flip95.70%
Cash Hunt95.27%
Crazy Time94.41%

Crazy Time player interface

Besides the regular features that Evolution Gaming have in their game interface, Crazy time might look a little different from other games.

Betting interface
You have 8 different outcomes to bet on, the numbers look like monopoly bills and the bonus games look like amusement park tickets. If you want to bet an equal amount on all the numbers or on all of the bonus rounds there’s an “all bet” button between the monopoly bills for the numbers as well as between the bonus games if you want to bet all 4 bets at the same time.

Outcome history
To help you at a little bit there’s a betting history available that shows the outcome of the previous 21 spins. The history will either show numbers for the number outcome or a blue or red coin (depending on the outcome of the coin flip in the bonus), a shooting target for the Cash Hunt, a swirly wheel for Pachinko and a golden key for the Crazy Time bonus wheel. The history can be expanded to the previous 49 outcomes if you click the statistics button.

Published on January 20, 2021 by Matt Brown. Last updated: February 12, 2021