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About cookies

Cookies are small files of information stored on your computer or mobile when you visit a site. Some are cleared after each session and others are stored over a longer period to remember your preferences, such as if you closed a modal or similar.

Different types of cookies

We’re using different cookies depending on the functionality, some are used for analytics, some for site functionality and so on. By using this site you agree to the following type of cookies to be used:

  • Functionality cookies – this enables us to store preference on certain site functionalities such as modal closures. 
  • Session cookies – stored and used during the session only.
  • 3rd party cookies – placed and stored by us or a third party such as Google Analytics, Onesignal , Mailchimp and other 3rd parties.

Cookies on

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You can visit our site without cookies turned on but some functionality might break. To deactivate cookies you can search in your browsers settings and deactivate cookies from being collected. You can also delete already stored cookies through your browsers settings.

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