TVBET is one of the few live studios that sticks out from the “masses”. They have chosen to make unique live games for players.

Live games provider TVBET

TVBET is one of the few live studios that sticks out from the “masses”. You won’t see your classic type of games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud and what not, TVBET has chosen to make unique live games for players. Many of there games involves lottery elements as you will see with their lottery ball draws and some of their games will remind you of classics of roulette where either a spinning fortune wheel will represent the Roulette wheel or having 37 number in a lottery drum where one ball is picked each round instead of the Roulette ball landing in the ball pockets. At the moment TVBET has 12 unique games, both card games such as Hold’em Poker or dice games like Backgammon or lottery and wheel games. If you want change from the ordinary live casino games or want a twist on the classic live games and fancy more recreational bets we highly recommend TVBET.

Top TVBET casinos

TVBET is growing and expanding in the online world but not every online casino has TVBET in their portfolio. We have listed the most trustworthy top casinos with TVBET games available for Indian players:

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    TVBET live games list


    TVBET brings lotto draws to the race track in the form of classic slot fruit symbols instead of lottery numbers. In this game, 10 “lotto balls” are randomly racing around a small race track until they align in the result tube to see if they match in with the fruit panel. It’s a fun twist on classic lottery draws but maybe not a game that can entertain for a long session. With that said, there’s a hefty reward of 900 times your bet if all the 10 balls align in the same order as the fruit panel.


    Regardless if you’re a roulette fan or just have played roulette a couple of times you’ll definitely see the resemblance of roulette in TVBET’s game 1BET. The only difference from roulette is that you have a lotto drum with 37 lotto balls from 0-36 in red and black colours as well as green for the zero. If you’ve ever been to a land based casino in Costa Rica you might have seen the game Canasta, this is the closest game to Costa Rican Canasta online, the only thing Canasta and Roulette have that 1BET is missing is the classic betting board where you can see all numbers, odds and evens and colours etc, but you can still bet on most of the typical roulette bets.

    Lucky 6

    At a glance Lucky 6 is a pretty straightforward lottery where 35 out of 48 balls are drawn. In the main game of Lucky 6, as the name suggests, you need to pick 6 numbers and get these 6 numbers from the 35 ball draw. The earlier you hit the 6th ball the higher the payout, if the 6th number is drawn on the last ball you’ll get your money back for the main bet. On top of this there are several side bets like the total sum of all balls drawn or the first and last ball colour drawn.


    Backgammon is usually a player versus player game, but amazingly enough TVBET has found a way to bring the elements of Backgammon online for real money against the house.
    In this game of Backgammon you can bet on every game round / dice roll, the outcomes you can bet on are what the two dice will show, if doubles and what kind of doubles will be rolled, odd or even numbers as well as how many checker pieces that will be hit as well as winner of the main game and many more bets.


    TVBET’s “fortune wheel” game is another game that will remind you of roulette, or to be more precise, American Roulette. In this game you will find the regular roulette board to place bets on as well as 5 additional outcomes for the wheel to stand on a number greater than “x”.


    TVBET’s poker room gives you the chance to play Texas Hold’em 24/7. The beauty of this table is that instead of playing against other players or the dealer you are playing on the outcome of the 6 available positions on the table. Moreover, you’re not limited to one of the positions, but you can play as many of them as you want and at any point of the game you can bet, either on preflop, flop, turn and river even if you haven’t played on the positions from the start.


    This is the classic game of War that is similar to the most Hi and Lo games but in TVBET’s version you’ll also find some additional sidebets such as winning suits or face value of the cards.


    21bet is a variant of Blackjack that’s played with only 36 cards in the deck and in TVBET’s version you don’t play against the dealer, you rather choose if you want to play as the right or left player. According to TVBET this game is also known as Russian Blackjack or Ochko.


    Joker is a straightforward game where you bet on what the next will show from a regular deck of 52 cards with 2 added jokers. 54 card deck. A betting round starts after each card draw and as the game progresses the odds of the bets will change since the probability of the next card outcome changes depending on what previous cards has been drawn.

    5BET and 7BET

    5BET and 7BET are two quite similar lottery games by TVBET where you either pick 5 balls out of 36 or 7 balls out of 42. The similarity of the two games lies within the type of bets you can play on. In the Numbers section you can bet on how many of your selected balls will be drawn or which to be drawn or if you want to take a completely different route and bet that none of them would be drawn. Besides this you can on variations of odd and even outcomes of the balls, total sum of the drawn balls as well sum ranges.


    In Keno you have a board of numbers from 1 to 80 where you need to pick at least 1 or maximum 10 numbers to be drawn from the lottery drums 20 ball draw. In addition to the main game of Keno there are a few other outcomes to bet on like over and under bets on balls to be drawn.

    Published on January 6, 2021 by Matt Brown. Last updated: February 11, 2024