• Pros
    Instant transfer Local Payment method Safe transactions Pay with Indian Rupees
  • Method:
    Credit card Debit card Prepaid card
  • Cons
    Not many casinos accept it
  • Guide to RuPay cards in India 2024

    RuPay is an international card provider founded and based in India, providing millions with credit, debit and prepaid cards in India.

    RuPay was founded back in 2012 by NPCI to encourage a domestic payment system. Although being an Indian company they have ties with Discover Financial and JCB to make the cards being accepted abroad.

    RuPay quickly became a popular payment method in India and in 2019 they surpassed 100 crore transactions which is a considerable amount.

    To deposit with RuPay at an online casino you just need to find a casino that accepts RuPay, for your convenience we did a list with recommended online casinos where you can use your RuPay cards.

    The easiest way is to use your usual Debit card from RuPay, meaning it will use your bank balance to carry out the transaction. You can however also opt for credit cards or prepaid cards which is very safe and common for online transactions such as gambling.

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    Deposit and Withdraw with RuPay

    Most probably you already have a RuPay card available, but if you don’t you can head over to your local bank and apply for a new card. This is usually an easy process where you just need to fill in a few forms and you’ll get a card shortly after.

    RuPay offers several different cards and payment systems, some are tied to certain banks and the RuPay are currently the most widespread and accepted card.

    • Debit Cards – RuPays debit cards are supported by over 1100 local Indian banks. This covers most of India and is the easiest and most well-supported card. 
    • Credit Cards – some banks also offer credit cards where you can make transactions against a credit balance which you later can pay off in monthly instalments. 
    • RuPay Combo – Union bank of India launchd a combo card back in 2018 which offers both credit and debit card on the same card. This works as the card has  2 EMV:s and 2 magnetic stripes so you can decide which one to choose.
    • Prepaid Cards – Prepaid cards are very common and easy to use for online transactions, including at online casinos. You just need to top up the card and you’ll be able to use it online.
    • Contactless payments – Rupay also supports contactless payments.

    When it’s time to make your first deposit at a casino, you just need to head over to a casino accepting RuPay. Open the cashier, fill in your 16 card digits, Expire date and CCV code that you can find on the back of the card. Usually you’ll be sent an OTP code that you’ll have to enter to complete the transaction. You’ll instantly find the money on your casino balance.

    You’ll be able to pay in Indian Rupees meaning that you don’t have to worry about any currency exchange fees as long as you choose a casino that accepts Indian Rupees.

    Not all online casinos accept withdrawals back to RuPay cards so make sure before depositing. Otherwise you could most probably use bank transfer or another available method. Also make sure to check if the casino charge any deposit or withdrawal fee.

    RuPay prepaid card

    RuPay launched already in 2014 an extension of their debit card business. The prepaid cards were launched which could used by both business and individuals. It quickly grew popular to the ease of use for both shopping, travel, entertainment and ATM transactions.

    After you acquired the prepaid card which is sold in stores you can either dispose it after the money finished or else top it up with more money. You don’t need to open an account to use a RuPay card as it’s just tied to the balance of the card. When it’s time to top up the card you can use cash, credit or debit card to top it up with more money. There is a monthly limit on how much you can top up with and it’s ₹50,000 per month.  

    You can use Prepaid Card to make transactions on online casinos as well, giving you more privacy and safety as it’s not directly connected to your bank account.

    How to deposit with RuPay

    To Deposit with Rupay is very easy, it’s the same flow as VISA or Mastercard and you’ll just have to follow a few simple steps to get started.

    1. Find a casino that supports RuPay transactions
    2. Create an account or Login
    3. Open the cashier
    4. Fill in your Rupay card information. This is usually Card number, Name of card holder, expiry date and the CVC number.
    5. You’ll be prompted with a 2FA, meaning you’ll need to fill in your personal code or password to complete the transaction.
    6. When confirmed you deposit should be completed and the account balance updated.

    If the deposit is not successful, make sure your card information is correct. Also make sure that your bank is not blocking gambling transactions as some banks might block these. A prepaid card might be easier to pay with if your debit card gets declined.

    FAQ RuPay debit and credit cards

    What is RuPay?

    RuPay is an Indian payment method issuing Credit, Debit and Prepaid cards to Indian customers.

    Can I user RuPay to deposit at online casinos?

    Yes, there are a few online casinos in India accepting RuPay as deposit method.

    Can I use Indian Rupees as currency with RuPay?

    Yes, it will use your local banks currency (Rupees) when you deposit money at an online casino.

    Published on January 26, 2021 by Matt Brown. Last updated: February 11, 2024