Fan Tan

Fan Tan is an Asian Game where you try to guess the number of the last beads the dealer divides. This game also offers a combination of different wagers that makes fan Tan rich and diverse,

Fan Tan Game Live Review

The game of Fan Tan is a classic and beautiful old Asian casino game. Fan Tan is simple to learn and play, and there is a wide range of bets that makes the game extra fascinating.

This live table game is a popular game of pure chance that has travelled across the world and onto the online live casinos. The beads, which initially are covered by a transparent bowl, are central to the game. The dealer uses a cup to separate a random number of these beads during betting time. In contrast to the transparent bowl, the separator cup is not transparent.

Fan Tan Live Casino Game

In the Fan Tan game, the dealer separates the beads from the separator cup in a set of four and leaves the last set of beads at the centre of the table. Your goal is to guess how many beads are left in the last “set of four”. Will one, two, three or four beads make the last set?

We have tested Fan Tan in different real money casinos online in India. If you want to learn how Fan Tan works or find the best casinos with the game, keep on reading!

Best Fan Tan Online Casinos in India 2024

Here you can read more and play at our recommended Fan Tan live casino in India.

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    How to play Fan Tan Game

    It’s already established that the basics of Fan Tan are pretty straightforward; you wager on the outcome of the last set of beads. In Fan Tan, the most simple bets are on the number of beads, anything from one to four.

    There’s more to the game of Fan Tan than betting on numbers one to four, and we’ll go through all the different bet types and their payouts. But first, let’s look at the playing sequence before we look at the paytable and bets.

    Betting round

    The betting round in Fan Tan kicks off when the dealer has “shuffled” the beads in the transparent bead container and have put the bead cup over the beads. Like Evolution, you’ll find that the betting round commences during the shuffle with some live casino studios.

    Lining up the beads – The game result

    Once the beads have been hidden under the cup and the last bets have been made, it’s time to reveal the Fan Tan beads.

    The dealer lines up all the beads in sets of four beads in a row after each other using a specially designed stick for Fan Tan. The last set the dealer lines up is separated from the previous sets; the final set is the game’s outcome.

    The dealer’s final action is to record the outcome for the game to pay out to the players playing the game online.

    Simple as that? Yes, if you only play on “straight-up” numbers, but let’s review the wast range of special bets you can play in Fan Tan.

    Fan Tan generic bets

    • Fan bets: These are straight-up numbers of 1, 2, 3, 4 for the last winning set.
    • Odd or Even: Odd if the total beads end up being 1 or 3, Even if the total beads end up being 2 or 4 in the last set.
    • Small or Big: Small if the last set has 1 or 2 beads, and Big if the final set has 3 or 4.

    Fan Tan advanced bet types

    Nim bets

    Nim bets are somewhat a type of hedge bet where you bet on two different outcomes where the first number will pay in accordance to the paytable and the second number will return your bet.

    Nim bet example: If you bet on 1 Nim 2 and the result is 1, you win. If the result is 2, it’s tied, and you get your money back. If the result is 3 or 4, your bet is lost.

    Available Nim bets

    There are a total of 12 Nim bet combinations to play on.

    • Available bets on number one to win and the secondary number of beads as a push: 1 Nim 2, 1 Nim 3 and 1 Nim 4.
    • Available bets on number two to win and the other number to push: 2 Nim 1, 2 Nim 3 and 2 Nim 4.
    • Available bets on number three to win and the other number to push: 3 Nim 1, 3 Nim 2 and 3 Nim 4.
    • Available bets on number four to win and the last number to push: 4 Nim 1, 4 Nim 2 and 4 Nim 3.

    Kwok bets

    Kwok bets are similar to Nim bets; you bet on a combination of two bets. The only difference here is that Kwok bets pay on both numbers, but since both numbers pay, the payout amount for a Kwok bet is less than a winning Nim bet.

    Available Kwok bets

    There are only four types of Kwok bets to play on, so you can’t make all types of number combinations.

    • Kwok 1 – 2.
    • Kwok 2 – 3.
    • Kwok 3 – 4.
    • Kwok 4 – 1.

    Nga bets

    Nga bets are similar to Nim bets, but in Nga bets, you bet on two numbers to win, and your bet will either tie or lose if the two other numbers show up.

    Nga bet example: If you bet on “2, 3 One Nga”, you’ll win the bet if two or three beads are in the final bead set. If there’s only one bead left, you’ll lose the bet, and if the result is four beads, the bet is tied, and you’ll get your money back.

    Unfortunately, casinos with Fan Tan only through Evolution do not support this bet type.

    Available Nga bets

    The number of available Nga bets to play on is twelve.

    • 2,3 One Nga.
      2,4 One Nga.
      3,4 One Nga.
    • 1,3 Two Nga.
      1,4 Two Nga.
      3,4 Two Nga.
    • 1,2 Three Nga.
      1,4 Three Nga.
      2,4 Three Nga.
    • 1,2 Four Nga.
      1,3 Four Nga.
      2,3 Four Nga.

    Ssh bets

    On Ssh bets, you are on three numbers to win. If the missing number wins, you’ll lose your bet.

    Ssh bet example: A bet on Ssh 3-2-1 wins if the three, two or one beads show. If the outcome is a four, you lose your bet.

    Available Ssh bets

    You can wager on four different Ssh bets.

    • Ssh 3-2-1.
    • Ssh 2-1-4.
    • Ssh 4-3-2.
    • Ssh 1-4-3.

    Fan Tan Paytable: Learn strategy and winning tips

    Bet typePayoutRTP
    The above paytable uses the most common structure in Fan Tan; some Fan Tan tables can have a different payout structure.

    If you want to play Fan Tan with an optimal strategy, you should only bet on Nga bets. If you play with online casinos with the Evolution software, they will offer a payout of 0.31667 instead of 0.31 on the Ssh bet. This payout enhancement puts the RTP at 98.75%, making it the optimal strategy with Evolution since they don’t have the Nga bet.

    Live Fan Tan Game by different game studio providers in India

    Fan Tan is immensely popular in the Asian region, and a few game providers are supplying this game to online casinos. The core of the game is usually the same, but the look and feel of the product can sometimes differ a bit.

    Fan Tan by Evolution

    Evolution has been made famous for its games and their quality. Everything Evolution does have high standards, whether it be their game studios, betting app interface or dealers.

    Evolution’s Fan Tan game is no exception in their game portfolio, everything from choosing your stake, placing your bets and getting your winnings are as smooth and self-explanatory as can be. Their mobile interface is very intuitive and works well both on Android and iOS. We recommend using their desktop app for a more immersive experience with a larger screen.

    In addition to playing the game, Evolution has also made the game history and statistics easily accessible and easy to understand.

    What you won’t find with Evolution is the Nga bet, but they will offer just as high RTP on their Ssh bet.

    Published on January 30, 2022 by Matt Brown. Last updated: February 12, 2024