Golden Wealth Baccarat

Evolution strikes again with a new take on their famous Lightning featured games. This time around, it’s their online Baccarat which gets an enhancement with multipliers that can pay up to 2,62,144x!

Golden Wealth Baccarat Live Game Review

Golden Wealth Baccarat is a Baccarat in which luck can strike any time in the form of Golden Cards. This Baccarat version is the remake of the famous game Lightning Baccarat.

In Golden Wealth Baccarat, five cards are chosen at random each game round to be Golden Cards with multipliers, providing more excitement and potential for big wins with just a touch of luck. If you win a hand with one or more matching Golden Cards, your earnings will multiply. Several multipliers are available: 2x, 3x, 5x and 8x.

Don’t worry about any complexity in this game; Golden Wealth Baccarat is an excellent choice for novice and intermediate gamers looking for a fun and engaging gaming experience. The game is also suitable for seasoned players seeking a well-made variation of the traditional card game Baccarat.

If you’re familiar with the game, visit our top casinos in India to play it with real money. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about Golden Wealth Baccarat!

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    How to play Golden Wealth Baccarat

    Evolution has blended the gameplay of regular Baccarat with the addition of golden multiplier cards in Golden Wealth Baccarat. We’ll go through every stage as you play Golden Wealth Baccarat for real money for you.

    Placing your bets on Golden Wealth Baccarat

    During the betting phase, you have a limited time to decide what you want to wager on and how much you want to put down.

    Before each deal, you may bet on whether the Player’s or the Banker’s hand will win. The hand that is closest to the score nine wins in Baccarat. You may also wager on a Tie (i.e., the likelihood of both the Banker’s and the Player’s hands totalling nine or any same score).

    Two additional side-bets are available: Player Pair and Banker Pair. These side-bets allow you to wager on whether the Players’ or the Banker’s first two cards are a pair.

    A 20% Golden Fee applies to each bet to accommodate the game’s enormous winnings, shown in the game interface. For example, a bet of ₹100 will be a total bet of ₹120 with the Golden Fee applied.

    Golden Round – The multiplier round

    Remember the Golden Fee that applied in this Baccarat game? The fee pays for the extra round of multipliers in this Golden Round.
    Following the betting time, the Golden Round begins. Each Golden Round gives five randomly generated Golden Cards from a virtual 52-card deck and randomly generated payout multipliers for each card.

    Player and Banker card deal

    After the Golden Round, the Player and Banker receive cards as usual in Baccarat. If they match the cards from the Golden Round, the card gets highlighted to show you the payout opportunity.

    Winning outcomes in Golden Wealth Baccarat

    If you have a bet on a winning hand, payouts pay against the payout table. If your winning hand includes one matching Golden Card, winnings will be increased by at least 2x depending on the multiplier(s) you’ve received.

    Suppose you obtain two or more matching Golden Cards in the winning hand; the earnings multiply. For example, if three matching Golden Cards are present, the overall multiple might be increased by 8x8x8 (512x). In this example, where 8×8 equals 64, 64 is multiplied with eight again and thus resulting in a 512x multiplier.

    If you’re fortunate to win a Tie bet with six matching Golden Cards, the multiplier can reach an insane amount of 2,62,144x. Evolution has capped all winnings on the Golden Wealth Baccarat table to ₹5,00,00,000.

    In short, to receive a multiplied payout, you must have at least one Golden Card in your winning hand. If you lack a Golden Card match in your winning, the game pays per the paytable.

    Golden Wealth Baccarat payouts and RTP

    Since Golden Wealth Baccarat is a game with multipliers, you’ll notice that the payout table differs a little bit from a regular paytable.

    The below charts include both payouts for if you win the hand without a Golden Card multiplier and bets, you win with a multiplier. The first number indicates the regular payout, and the second number indicates the maximum multiplier you can receive on each bet.

    Golden Wealth Baccarat main bets payout table
    Bet typePayout range
    Tie5:1 up to ₹5,00,00,000
    You pay a 5% commission on the winnings if Banker wins.
    Golden Wealth Baccarat pairs side-bets payout table
    Side betPayout range
    Player Pair9-576:1
    Banker Pair9-576:1
    Theoretical return to player
    Bet typeRTP
    Player Pair86%
    Banker Pair86%
    The maximum theoretical RTP in Golden Wealth Baccarat is 98.85% if you only bet on Player.

    Published on December 13, 2021 by Matt Brown. Last updated: February 1, 2022