Pragmatic Play launch Mega Roulette

Mega Roulette

Pragmatic Play is soon releasing a new exciting game for all live casino fans out there. Mega Roulette is due for a worldwide release on the 24th of February and boasts a theoretical RTP of up to 97.30%.

Mega Roulette will use the usual single-zero Roulette format, although with a Mega Multiplier. This means that during every spin there will between 1 and 5 multipliers added to the straight-up bets. These multipliers will be in the range of 50-500x which will give you a nice big win if you have the luck to hit one.

Mega Roulette also has “Mega Bets” where you can put bulk straight-up bets such as Mega Chances, Mega Columns & Mega Dozens.

Mega Roulette

The game is similar to Lightning roulette so if you’re a fan of that game then you should head over to your favourite casino and give this wheel a spin.

With all the new Mega games released, we can’t help to wonder what the next game will be?

Paytable Mega Roulette

BetPayoutMega Payout
Straight-up (1 number)29:149-499:1
Split (2 numbers)17:1
Street (3 numbers)11:1
Corner (4 numbers)8:1
Six line (6 numbers)5:1
Dozen/ Column (12 numbers)2:1
1 to 18 or 19 to 36(18 numbers) Even/ Odd, Red/Black1:1