Bac Bo

Bac Bo is a new dice game from Evolution that follows the main principles of Baccarat. Bac Bo's gameplay is way simpler than Baccarat, and the payouts for a Tie can pay up to 88 times your stake!

Bac Bo Live Dice Game Review

Bac Bo is a new one-of-a-kind online dice game developed by Evolution. The game has several similarities to Baccarat and includes a fantastic Tie bet that pays up to 88:1 your stake! Bac Bo features speedy and exciting gameplay that online casino players love.

Evolution has not yet introduced the game to their portfolio, but Bac Bo is still on the way and will be available in the early part of 2022.

In Bac Bo, instead of using cards like in Baccarat, each Player’s and the Banker’s score is based on the outcome of two dice shaken in four individual shakers, two for each hand. Both the Banker and Player roll their pair of dice, with the sums resulting from the rolls added together. The total of the highest two dice wins.

Because Bac Bo uses dice rather than decks of cards from a shoe, the game becomes free of shuffle interruptions. The use of dice also implies that the game history never will be restarted since it will continue indefinitely.

Bac Bo is simple and easy to comprehend for everyone. It has more straightforward rules and gameplay than Baccarat, with just the outcome of the basic dice rolls to consider. Continue to read further to learn how Bac Bo works and which reputable Indian casinos offer real money play on Bac Bo.

Top Bac Bo Casinos in India

Our top online casinos in India all have the Evolution software and thus Bac Bo. Furthermore, our recommended casinos have UPI, Net Banking, Rupay, Paytm and Google Pay as banking methods.

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    How to Play Bac Bo

    In the game of Bac Bo, the Banker and the Player each have two dice for themselves. Each die lies in separate automatic shakers on the casino table. The dice shakers start during the betting time, and after the betting round, the dice shakers stop at different intervals to add to the suspension. When all of the four dice have stopped, it’s time to declare a winner!

    Start with placing a bet

    Bac Bo is an exciting game that lets you predict which hand will win by having the best two-dice total. You can choose to bet on Player, Banker and Tie.

    If you bet on Tie, you can win up to 88 times your stake. The user interface shows all payouts for the Tie bet, and you can also find it in our section of the Bac Bo payout table.

    The dice rolling

    As we explained earlier, the dice start shaking simultaneously, but they all stop on different occasions.

    The Player’s first dice always stops first, followed by the Banker’s first dice. The highest first dice score between the Player and the Banker determines which secondary dice will stop first. If the Player has the highest score, the Player’s second dice will stop next. If the Banker has the highest score, the Banker’s second die will stop next.

    How you win in Bac Bo

    We’ve said it before; this game is easy to play. The highest score of the two-dice total when all shakers have stopped dictates the winner. The final result and the winner is displayed on your screen.

    If there’s a tie between the Banker and the Player and you haven’t wagered on this option, you’ll still get a small winning by getting 90% of your bet back.

    Bac Bo Winners Announced

    Bac Bo payout table

    The theoretical payout in Bac Bo is 98.87%.

    BetGame resultPayout
    Tie12 or 288:1
    Tie3 or 1125:1
    Tie4 or 1010:1
    Tie5 or 96:1
    Tie6, 7 or 84:1
    * In the event of a Tie, you’ll get back 90% of your wager on Player or Banker.

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    Roulette, Poker variants, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Game shows are just a few of the games in Evolution’s diverse game portfolio. Bac Bo is not the first dice game offered by Evolution; they have a wide range of dice games to play with real money.

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    Published on December 31, 2021 by Matt Brown. Last updated: March 4, 2022